Dunny Acres Farm & Apothecary

We started as a humble farmers market stand with big dreams, now we are partnering with stores all over the South Eastern United states  to bring you our  beautiful custom smudging candles and wholesome, local grown, and organic apothecary items for our customers. 

 At Dunny Acres Farm and Apothecary we try to keep you healthy and educated by using what God has abundantly blessed us with in His beautiful creation. We believe whole heartedly in nutritional and herbal healing. We promise from seed to product to keep the ingredients in our formulations simple, pure and as organic as possible. That way you can rest assured that what you are putting in and on your body is helpful and wholesome.

Why Choose Us?

Dunny Acres farm and Apothecary started as a dream, a dream to be as self sufficient off the land as possible.  From that grew a love for farming, growing herbs and natural medicine and remedies. Everything that we make was created for my family and used by my family. We  firmly believe that our products can be helpful to others trying to live a healthy, holistic lifestyle. We always promise that the herbs in our products are either grown on our farm from seed to harvest, wild crafted in a sustainable way or sourced from an organic grower so that you can have faith in the quality of our ingredients. 

About Us

Kerry Dunn

store owner

I am first and foremost a lover of Christ, a wife and mother to two beautiful children. I am passionate about gardening and herbal medicine and make it my personal goal to formulate products to give families a safe, chemical free alternative to every day common ailments. I take the steps to ensure the utmost quality of our products and if you are ever not completely satisfied, I will refund you 100%. Thank 

disclaimer... We are not medical professionals and it is not our purpose to offer or render medical advice or professional services. If you feel that you have a health problem, you should seek the advice of a certified Physician or health care